The 75 Acre land gifted for a Buddhist cause was made available by the Hon. Minister of Buddhasasana for the concept
proposed by the Light of Asia Foundation for re-creating the replica of the ‘Sakya Kingdom’ in partnership with the Ministry of Buddhasasana. The joint venture between the Ministry of Buddhasasana and the Light of Asia Foundation – ‘Sakya Kingdom Trust of Sri Lanka’
approved by the Cabinet of Ministers with the blessings of His Excellency The President and the Hon. Prime Minister,
would be funded by the Light of Asia Foundation through Associates and Donors from here and  overseas.

Hon. Gamini Jayawickrama Perera 
Minister of  Buddhasasana

Navin Gooneratne 
Chairman – Light of Asia Foundation

‘Sakya Kingdom’ will form the base of the Light of Asia Foundation’s commitment to transmit the ‘Dhamma’ to the world through Audio-Visual presentations, which was the vision of the Founder over 17 years ago, which has been endorsed by the Hon. Minister of Buddhasasana and the Ministry of Buddhasasana.
The project will have several facilities to communicate the timeless message of Compassion, re-affirming Sri Lanka’s role in continuing to preserve the pristine teachings of The Buddha.

Palace Complex

Prince Siddhartha’s luxurious living in the Palaces built to enjoy the changing cycle of nature within a world of fantasy and ageless beauty. These luxuries were provided by King Suddhodana to ensure that the Prince does not renounce lay life, which was predicted at birth by the Sages.

LOA Academy

The space behind the Rampart Wall of the ‘Sakya Kingdom’ will be transformed to several Academies of learning, research and interaction, designed to gain all-round expertise in facing the challenges of life, will attract students from around the world.

Meditation Park

‘International Centre for Mindfulness Meditation’ created for the expected stream of Meditators from here and around the world with facilities to accommodate over 10,000 meditators at a time.

Lotus World

The Asian Buddhist Heritage will be focused within the ‘Lotus World’ linking the countries in the Region, radiating its practices and traditions to the global community.

Library Complex

A facility to associate Buddhist literature from all over the world in numerous international languages including the Thipitaka with original teachings of The Buddha, which is currently available in 18 languages.

Lumbini Park

The royal garden complex where the historical birth of Prince Siddhartha.

The project is being implemented with the expertise of an internationally reputed team of

Archaeologists – Architects – Engineers

Basanta Bidari 
Former Chief Archaeologist
Lumbini & Kapilavastu

Prof. Nimal De Silva 
Former Director General
Postgraduate of Archaeology

Sarath Hemachandra 
Consultant Engineer
Former Director of Southern Development Authority

Signing MOU between Ministry of Buddhasasana & Light of Asia Foundation

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for Sakya Kingdom

Opening Ceremony of Sakya Kingdom Phase 01

Vesak Celebrations – 2017

Signing MOU with ILCHON CHON Corp. of Korea for Light of Asia Academy

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for Light of Asia Academy

Piliyandala – Sri Lanka
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